Parham Ghalamdar

Parham Ghalamdar, Birds or borders (2020) Stop motion Animation, commissioned by University Of Salford Art Collection in partnership with Castlefield Gallery.
Nominated by Matthew Pendergast, Castlefield Gallery.

Birds or Borders is the title of a short film created using stop-motion techniques, drawing, and collages of archival footage. The film engages with socio-political subjects such as freedom of movement, in a poetic approach to depicting a state of suspension, a situation which most people have experienced during the Covid-19 disruptions.  In order to animate such a subject, the film attempts to explore the medium of time by proposing an Absurdist anti-narrative structure of story-telling where there are no punch lines to any of the sequences. 

Ghalamdar (UK) is an Iranian-born painter, researcher, and curator based in Manchester. Due to the Covid-19 disruptions and inaccessibility to his studio he is expanding his painting practice into the digital realm by creating montages of stop motion animation from drawings edited alongside collages of archival footage.

Courtesy the artist, commissioned by University of Salford Art Collection in partnership with Castlefield Gallery.