Megan Broadmeadow

Megan Broadmeadow, Above The Firmament, 2016 – 2019, VR/360 film
Nominated by Peter Bonnell, QUAD Derby.

Broadmeadow (UK) is a visual artist of Welsh heritage, who lives and works in Bristol. She makes immersive exhibitions which include video, sculpture, performance and digital installation technologies. Above The Firmament  is a VR film  made as part of Broadmeadow’s touring artwork SEEK PRAY ADVANCE.  In biblical cosmology the firmament is a border-space mapped out as a section of the universe which isn’t quite of earth, but is also not quite inside the realm of God. It has been reported as a dome or sphere within which water is held on the earth, a space from which land was formed, a shield from the infinity of deep space and even a vault of heaven.