Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange 

Newlyn Art Gallery, New Rd, Newlyn, Penzance TR18 5PZ
The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance TR18 2NL

Instagram: @newlynexchange


Newlyn Art Gallery and its sister venue, The Exchange, Penzance are based in rural West Cornwall, in the far South West of England.  We deliver an ambitious contemporary art programme across these two spaces and increasingly in off-site locations, for a resident and visiting tourist audiences.  This year, we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Newlyn Art Gallery. In anticipation of this landmark event, we have spent time reflecting on the aspects of our work that we feel have been most successful over recent years and to develop a plan for our future.

Whilst we have delivered many ambitious exhibitions and art commissions, it was the projects that had direct impact on our local communities that feel most important to us. This led to us revisiting the principles of Newlyn Art Gallery‚Äôs founder, the philanthropist and social reformer John Passmore Edwards, and considering afresh our contemporary social and civic role.  

Drawing on our experience of working with artists, we have committed ourselves to delivering a future programme focussed on achieving positive social change and real community benefit. A key part of that work will be to create opportunities for people in our immediate communities to make new contacts internationally, and to support them in operating on an international stage.

Art forms: Photography, Digital Arts, Performing Arts, Film and Video, Installations, Archive work, Socially Engaged Practice, Sound Art, Off-site Work