New Art Exchange

39-41 Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 6BE

Instagram: @new_art_exchange

New Art Exchange (NAE) is a contemporary arts space in Nottingham that celebrates the region’s cultural richness and diversity. It is the largest gallery in the UK dedicated to culturally diverse contemporary visual arts.

Our Mission Statement is: stimulating new perspectives about the value of diversity in art and society. The venue presents an ever-changing programme of art exhibitions, creative activities for families and young people, film screenings, symposiums, lectures, festivals and a live performance programme of music, dance and theatre. 

Art forms: Photography, Painting, Digital Arts, Performing Arts, Film and Video, Installations, Textiles, Archive work, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Socially Engaged Practice, Sound Art


Wellcome Collection

183 Euston Road, London

Instagram: @wellcomecollection

Wellcome Collection is a free museum and library that aims to challenge how we all think and feel about health.

Through exhibitions, collections, live programming, digital, broadcast and publishing, we create opportunities for people to think deeply about the connections between science, medicine, life and art.

Art forms: Photography, Digital Arts, Performing Arts, Film and Video, Installations, Textiles, Archive work, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Socially Engaged Practice, Sound Art



First Site, Lewis Gardens, High Street, Colchester CO1 1JH

Instagram: @firstsitecolchester


Firstsite is a public contemporary art gallery and creative community space, based in Colchester, Essex, showing a diverse mix of the very best historic, modern and contemporary art from around the world, for free, for everyone, every day. 

Firstsite’s varied and challenging programme celebrates and promotes the unique power of art and creativity, directly involving the local community to create exceptional exhibitions, projects, commissions and events which tell the stories of our time, provoke relevant and meaningful conversations about society’s future and inspire imaginative responses to critical issues.

In its spectacular crescent-shaped building and satellite venues, Firstsite provides a fun, inclusive and unconventional environment, bringing together lots of different people to enjoy art and culture and be creative together to lead healthier and happier lives.

Artforms: Photography, Digital Arts, Installations, Textiles, Architecture, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Socially Engaged Practice, Printmaking


Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange 

Newlyn Art Gallery, New Rd, Newlyn, Penzance TR18 5PZ
The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance TR18 2NL

Instagram: @newlynexchange


Newlyn Art Gallery and its sister venue, The Exchange, Penzance are based in rural West Cornwall, in the far South West of England.  We deliver an ambitious contemporary art programme across these two spaces and increasingly in off-site locations, for a resident and visiting tourist audiences.  This year, we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Newlyn Art Gallery. In anticipation of this landmark event, we have spent time reflecting on the aspects of our work that we feel have been most successful over recent years and to develop a plan for our future.

Whilst we have delivered many ambitious exhibitions and art commissions, it was the projects that had direct impact on our local communities that feel most important to us. This led to us revisiting the principles of Newlyn Art Gallery’s founder, the philanthropist and social reformer John Passmore Edwards, and considering afresh our contemporary social and civic role.  

Drawing on our experience of working with artists, we have committed ourselves to delivering a future programme focussed on achieving positive social change and real community benefit. A key part of that work will be to create opportunities for people in our immediate communities to make new contacts internationally, and to support them in operating on an international stage.

Art forms: Photography, Digital Arts, Performing Arts, Film and Video, Installations, Archive work, Socially Engaged Practice, Sound Art, Off-site Work


Redeye, the Photography Network

Redeye, Market Buildings, Thomas St, Manchester M4 1EU, UK

Instagram: @RedEyeTPN

Redeye, the Photography Network, is a not-for-profit organisation set up to support photographers at every level, and build networks across photography. It is based in Manchester, UK, and has members, subscribers and users across the UK and globally.

It aims to form a clear picture of the ways photographers and photographic artists are working now, and give them access to events, opportunities, advice and information that are relevant to their work and difficult to find elsewhere. Alongside this it works to bring photographic and other organisations together, to encourage ethical and best practice, and to build a voice for photography.

Redeye also set up and runs The Photographic Collections Network, for anyone who works with or enjoys photo collections and archives across the UK.

Art forms: Photography, Digital Arts


Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (vA!)

7A Kennedy Road, Central, Hong Kong.

Facebook: @hkvac

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (vA!) organizes various art activities, including art learning programmes, exhibitions and art talks. It focuses on the promotion of new media arts and the training in visual arts. It is a place for exchange of ideas amongst artists and for the fostering of young artists.

vA! is converted from the Cassels Block, a former British barracks in 19th century Edwardian architectural style, erected on a sloping terrain with four terraced steps. The architecture of the Centre is now a magnificent combination of historic structures and modern features such as metal framework and glass roof.

vA! provides well-equipped studios for trained artists practising in the fields of sculpture, printmaking and ceramics, facilitating them in their practice.

Art forms: Digital Arts, Film and Video, Installations, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking, Sound Art



12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong.

Facebook: @oioilstreetartspace

Oi! is a new platform for exchanging ideas that aims to nurture young artists, promote community art and develop as an innovative and engaging venue for encouraging collaboration and co-creation in art. With the hope that boundless imagination and new experimental ideas can be triggered and that creativity can be sparked through different types of collaboration, we set out to connect art with people and the community.

Art forms: Photography, Installations, Design, Architecture, Painting, Socially Engaged Practice


CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile)

CHAT, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Instagram: @mill6chat

In the state of geo-political turmoil in the 1950s Asia Pacific, the textile industry in Hong Kong sowed its seed and achieved a rapid development throughout the latter half of the twentieth century. Today, CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile) represents a new place of new beginnings in the next phase of Hong Kong and Asia’s textile arts development and innovation.

Paying homage to the progressive energy of Hong Kong’s textile industry in the past and taking advantage of the multiple meanings associated with plain cotton yarn, CHAT tells the stories of Hong Kong’s textile industrial history and beyond, challenges the conventional meanings of textile arts and presents myriad interpretations of textile material and subject matters. We invite our visitors to experience the spirit of the innovative legacy of Hong Kong’s textile industry and engage in new dialogues and inspirational journeys that interweave contemporary art, design, and heritage. 

Art forms: Installations, Textiles, Archive work, Design, Architecture, Ceramics


Arts Council England

The Hive, 49 Lever Street Manchester M1 1FN

Instagram: @aceagrams

Arts Council England works to get great art and culture to everyone by championing, developing and investing in artistic experiences that enrich people’s lives.

As the national development agency for the arts, we support a range of artistic activities from theatre to music, literature to dance, photography to digital art, carnival to crafts.

Great art inspires us, brings us together and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us. In short, it makes life better.

Arts Council England is a distributor of public and National Lottery money in England.

Art forms: Photography, Digital Arts, Performing Arts, Film and Video, Installations, Net Art, Textiles, Archive work, Design, Architecture, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Socially Engaged Practice, Printmaking, Sound Art


a-n The Artists Information Company

a-n is the largest artists’ membership organisation in the UK with over 25,000 members. We support artists and those who work with them in many practical ways, acting on behalf of our membership and the visual arts sector to improve artists’ livelihoods. We have a reputation for providing compelling insights and playing a catalytic role in influencing and informing cultural policy.

Through advocacy and information and from the perspective of artists, a-n’s mission is to stimulate and support contemporary visual arts practice and affirm the value of artists in society.

Art forms: Photography, Digital Arts, Performing Arts, Film and Video, Installations, Textiles, Design, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Socially Engaged Practice, Printmaking, Sound Art