Hui Wai Keung

Hui Wai Kung, Re-Dürer, 2016, generated graphics from video game hacking.
Nominated by Angel Leung and Kyle Chung, Videotage.

Hui (HK) reworks three well-known engravings by Albrecht Dürer through hacking a video game to generate graphics.  He presents the result as a three-channel video installation (or screening). Hui is convinced that the ancient definitions of inspired melancholy from Pseudo-Aristotle are inscribed on Durer’s engravings.

“Our melancholy, as well as our lives, are classified into three types (or stages): imagination, reason, and intellect. I’ve reworked the concepts based on my own interpretation and emotion.” Hui Wai Keung

Having attempted various art forms, Hui Wai Keung is now focusing on digital media, such as game, generative or algorithmic art. Hui is now researching the topics of expanded space and perception, such as the visual study of the fourth dimension. He believes it is time for art to go back to sublime, but a new definition of sublime.