Elaine Wong


Elaine Wong, Tomorrow in a Glass, 2017, digital video.
Nominated by Bess Chan, Hong Kong International Photo Festival.

Wong (HK) received her Master of Fine Art (Creative Media) from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2019.  She explores and unveils diverse daily encounters through experimentation, for example with a storm glass (now considered a decorative item but historically used to ‘predict’ the weather).  Tomorrow in a Glass generates unique videos from a video database, depending on real-time images captured with a webcam attached to a storm glass, to provide a forecast for the following day in Hong Kong. During the Peer to Peer: UK/ HK Festival, the storm glass will be placed in 4 different locations in Hong Kong, where online viewers can submit videos to be included in the database.

Insta @miss_elainewong
Facebook: /elainewongsukyin