Suki Chan

Suki Chan, MEMORY, 2019, Ultra High Definition Video.
Nominated by Zoe Dunbar, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art.

MEMORY draws the audience into an appreciation of the contrasts of geological time and a human life span; of neurological processes and geological processes; and unexpected similarities between micro and macro perspectives. Subterranean panoramas of caves are juxtaposed with extraordinary aerial views of Somerset and time-lapse confocal imagery inside a fly. These enigmatic images are given further authority by voice-overs that tell of pilots caught between life and death, traversing the air above the earth, some able to reflect back on their hard-won experiences, some forever silenced.  

MEMORY features compelling stories told by former RAF pilot Dave Linney and wartime historian Robbert Turner.

Chan (UK) is a London based artist and filmmaker. She uses a range of media including installation, moving image, photography and sound to explore our perception of reality. Her immersive, mesmerising film works draws the viewer into a cinematic ‘elsewhere’, investigating memory, subjectivity, belief and knowledge systems.

Timelapse confocal microscopy imagery provided William Constance & Darren Williams, Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, King’s College London.

Commissioned by Somerset Art Works. Funded by Arts Council England.