Rachel Goodyear

Still from Rachel Goodyear, Tethers, 2020, hand-drawn animation (looped). Originally created as part of ‘Limina’, co-commissioned by York Mediale and York Museums Trust.
Nominated by Lindsay Taylor, University of Salford Art Collection.

Rachel Goodyear’s practice specialises in drawing, predominantly pencil on paper, which often extends off the page in the form of hand-drawn stop-frame animation. She describes each drawing as a ‘fragment’, like a fleeting thought or a half-remembered dream, and her animations as moments of activity that repeat forever, locking her figures into endless, hypnotic cycles. Animal imagery and references to mythology become symbols for the human psyche; Goodyear (UK) presents precarious balances of power, and blurred boundaries between fear and desire, and the conscious and the subconscious.

Note: this work is currently premiering at York Art Gallery, UK as part of York Mediale 2020. October 2020 – January 2021.