Lai Lon Hin

Still from Lai Lon Hin, Black Dream, 2019, Single channel video. Nominated by Mimi Chun, Blindspot Gallery.

Black Dream (2019) is a video essay that takes the form of a slideshow of discrete still and moving images, shot on an iPhone in Hong Kong. Inspired by lucid dreaming and the tantric practice of dream yoga, Lai composes this sequence of images in an associative logic that defies storytelling or narrative.

Quotidian objects emerge out of the bed of ordinary existence and pierce through the viewer, as people and objects become fungible in the ruthless flattening of mere existence. Shot in 2019, a year of upheaval that left a lasting impact in the social fabric of the city, this dream-like unreason becomes a guiding facsimile in the artist’s understanding of how the world unfolds around him.

Instagram: @lailonhin
Twitter: @LaiLonHin